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Root Chakra—Removes negative emotions Relieves stress, fear, anger -Assists in achieving personal & business goals  -Manifestation of ones dreams & inspirations into physical reality -Dispels the physical effects of negative energies Transmutes unlimited amounts of negative energies into positive energy -Protective & grounding



Throat & Heart Chakras —Good for grief -Clears the mind- Aids creativity -Balances emotions Helps sore throats, hot flashes & inflammatory illnesses Aids in expressing ones deepest truth -For women it lends the courage & clarity to express ones inner knowing & enhances intuitive abilities Communication with Goddess -For men it helps dispel emotional numbness & the difficulty in communicating their feelings -Calms frustration & helps keep ones temper, even when provoked

Smoky Aquamarine

  • Length - 3  1/4  inches

    Height - 3  1/4  inches

    Width - 3 1/4  inches

    Weight - 1 lb. 0.4 oz.  

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