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Throat & Third Eye Chakras—Soothes and protects the emotional body -Gives access to the creative consciousness and inspired self-expression Protects empaths from the bombardment of other peoples energies -Provides a cocoon of spiritual blue light around the auric field -Can screen out negative or unpleasant energies -Stimulates ones access to inspiration -Enhances the vividness of dreams and the ability to recall and integrate them    -Aids psychic ability and astral travel -Helps with lung, throat and respiratory issues

Blue Calcite Heart Wire Wrapped Necklace

  • Pendant - 1  7/8  inches L ,  1  1/2 inch W

    Wire Color - Copper 

    Necklace Length - 20 inches 

    Necklace Color - Stainless Steel

    All Wire used is Copper. There are different colored wire that is coated for variety 

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