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Experience our new handmade collection of Intention Activated Orgonites!


The Pyramid was put together to be a powerful upper chakra activator to take you through the Cosmos with psychic protection.


Orgones are made of a resin and usually copper to begin with. Then there are an unlimited number of combinations of crystals or ones alone that are also included. Orgones -Help heal energy blockages  Protect the body from Electro Magnetic Radiation -Aids spiritual growth -Accelerates plant growth


Bismuth is the 83rd element on the periodic table of elements. It sits just to the right of lead. Which means it is a bit heavier then lead. Bismuth is one of the most diamagnetic elements on earth. That means it repels north and south. With a powerful enough magnet it will float above magnet. Properties of Bismuth are to ease the ache of loneliness and isolation & to help in the transition between planes (physical to spiritual or astral) -Like a mystical booster rocket to other planes


Black Tourmaline - Root Chakra—Dispels negative energy around you -Brings good luck, happiness & good health -Supports purification of the body -Eliminates toxic substances & emotions such as worry, judgment, fear, anger & shame -Psychic protection for anyone who must work or live in challenging places or circumstances


Titanium and Aluminum Mix - ALL Chakras—Encourages a balanced and strong EMF (electro magnetic field) -Stimulates the auric field and meridians -Infuses the aura with a rainbow spectrum of light -Deflects negative energy Stimulates the mind and gives access to higher dimensions of thinking -Metal of power of the new consciousness -Enhances & increases ones vibrational field


Copper - All Chakras—Conducts & enhances other stones vibrations -Helps one gain spiritual perspective on emotional experiences -Creates a channel for & grounding of higher vibrations Supports blood, aids tissue repair & increases vitality

Bismuth and Black Tourmaline Orgone Pyramid

  • The base is 2  3/16" X 2  1/2" T

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