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Crystal Properties A - F

Abalone Shell

All Chakras—Connected to the element of water -Vibrations of Love, Beauty, Gentleness, Caring, Compassion & Peace -Soothes the nerves -Gives a calming demeanor -Provides a layer of protection to the emotions


Solar Plexus & Heart —Joy -Love -Creativity -Enthusiasm -Perseverance -Supports heart, stomach and small intestines -Facilitates uplifting one’s mood and strengthening the will Aids conscious connection with spirit guides, angels and souls that have passed on -Aligns one’s will with heart and helps one achieve one’s heart’s desires -Kindles the fires of optimism and determination assisting one in taking on whatever challenges must be faced with leaps of insight and perseverance through road blocks and difficulties -Can assist healers and psychics with clear messages from entities in the higher vibrational realms 


Victory in conflict -Increases intelligence -Enhances love, abundance, wealth, good luck, longevity & harmony -Protector of children -Helps to change our level of perception -Gives wearer the strength to carry on -Raises consciousness & links into collective consciousness    Aids in the awareness of the oneness of life -Encourages quiet contemplation & assimilation of life experiences, leading to spiritual growth & inner stability -Helps clear stress & anxiety

African Opal

Calming -Soothing -Purifying -Cultivates creativity, insight & inspiration -Encourages emotional healing and activates and stabilizes the heart chakra -Can be used to see all sides of a situation and surmise a variety of possibilities

African Ruby Quartz

Passion -Vitality -Protection -Wards off aggression & violence -Radiates balanced love energy


Heart & Throat Chakras—Truthful communication-Healing from trauma & arthritis -Releases fear of judgement or conflict, finding inner freedom -Self discovery -Harmony within oneself & among others -Awakens compassion -Empowers one in manifesting ones dreams & desires -Teaches one to speak the truth & to make what one speaks to come true -Helps with pain in the back and neck area -Has a calming effect on the nervous system -Holding an Amazonite and speaking what one wants to manifest can profoundly enhance ones ability to bring it into being


Solar Plexus Chakra -Releases fear of judgement or conflict -Finding inner freedom Protection from negative influences -Helps spur ones innate capacity to manifest prosperity-Increases life force -Assists in healing -Its warm and nurturing energies put us in touch with our own essential strength and security -Creates a comfortable sense of health and well-being in the wearer -Also it is recommended to be worn or carried by anyone recovering from illness or injury -Instills in one joy and happiness for life itself


Third Eye & Crown Chakras-Aids in overcoming addictions & nerve disorders -Helps clear negative & addictive emotional patterns -Facilitates conscious connection with Spirit Guides, Angels & Source -Spiritual protection & purification Facilitates the creation of an energetic “shield”—a field of spiritual light around the body that wards off the negativity in ones environment  

Trapiche Amethyst

Third Eye & Crown Chakras—Strengthens the endocrine and immune systems -Enhances brain activity, increase concentration, and energize the person that wears it -Also said to enhance psychic abilities and is excellent for channeling energy during meditation


Solar Plexus & Crown Chakras -Protects ones auric field -Aids greatly in letting go of bad habits & addictions -Enhances mental & spiritual clarity, decisiveness & will -Catalyzes a profound flow of new ideas & insights -Assists with keeping the mind clear to be creative, energetic and on task -Helps with loosing weight if kept within ones auric field


All Chakras— Aids in awakening ones awareness to evolutionary shifts, shifts in oneself and the world in general -Personal empowerment -Assists in turning negative energy into positive -Vitality -Deepens meditation -Brings good luck and prosperity -Assists in reaching a deep meditative state 


Powerful earth healing fossil ~ Its spiral shape symbolizes continual change and evolution ~ Ammonites have absorbed cosmic energy over eons of time and help to stimulate the life force “Chi” within ~ In the home and when worn it attracts health, prosperity and success


All Chakras—This stone clears as well as grounds -Helps heal ancestral and karmic cycles -Clears out the old to make room for the new -Powerful reflective stone that can release harmful waste from the psyche


Root & Third Eye Chakras—Found in Spain -Protection of ones energy field -Provides replenishment of the emotional body -When held in the hand one can feel a slow, deep pulsation which is friendly & comforting -This stone carries the heart beat of the Universe      Excellent stone for helping sensitive people feel at home & safe -Gives a sense of contentment & well-being -Recommended as a protection stone for those traveling or working in areas of danger or negativity -Helps overcome feelings of loneliness, depression, anxiety and various fears 

Angel Aura Quartz

All Chakras—Expanded awareness -Releases stress -Helps with muscle cramps & indigestion Facilitates reaching deeper states of meditation -Connects with Angels -Attunement to beauty Assists in remembering to take in the beauty surrounding one in both Nature & Spirit -Helps one to be a beacon of inner beauty, peace & spiritual awareness 

Angel Wing Calcite

Crown and Etheric Chakras—Stimulates contact with the angelic realm -Enhances meditation Supports a deeper state of relaxation


Throat, Third Eye & Crown Chakras-Peru—Helps supports bone density and health -Helps with arthritis and healing fractures -Communication and communion with beings in higher dimensions -Assists one in receiving spiritual guidance for oneself and others -Helps one to remain lucid in the dream state and remember the guidance received -Aids one in tuning into memories of past lives and to the Akashic Records -Emanates serenity and benevolence

Annularia Fossil

All Chakras—300 to 360 million years old -Fossils can help increase accomplishments in the ares of business and add excellence to one’s environment. They also aid one in being open to change and new ideas. Also helpful to calm the mind and nervous system.

Apache Tears

Root, Sacral & Heart Chakras—A special variety of Obsidian -Very protective -Excellent talismans of protection from all sorts of negative forces -Facilitates processing and releasing of frozen emotional patterns -Meditating with Apache Tears can open the floodgates to release grief -Clears negative thought patterns and heals emotional wounds -Boosts immune system Brings strength, stamina and appreciation of physical life 

Apophyllite (Clear)

Crown & Third Eye Chakras—The finest Clear Apophyllite is found in India -Aids in rediscovering trust in the Devine after disillusionment -Facilitates inter-dimensional travel  -Connects one with guides -In meditation, this stone can take one anywhere they want to go and to commune with those in all other dimensions -Keeping one or more of Apophyllites in one’s environment can provide an atmosphere of purity and spiritual presence in one’s home meditation area or work space

Aqua Aura Quartz

Throat & Third Eye Chakras—Creates prosperity -Calms anger -Connection with spirit realms Communicate inner truth -Calms the emotional body -Release stress -Aids becoming a conscious channel for spiritual wisdom -Activates all chakras -Releases negativity -Relieves anxiety and depression -Assists in creating an aura of peace and well being in oneself and ones surroundings -Helps on shine with inner beauty -Attracts wealth and success 


Throat & Heart Chakras —Good for grief -Clears the mind- Aids creativity -Balances emotions Helps sore throats, hot flashes & inflammatory illnesses -Aids in expressing ones deepest truth For women it lends the courage & clarity to express ones inner knowing & enhances intuitive abilities -Communication with Goddess -For men it helps dispel emotional numbness & the difficulty in communicating their feelings -Calms frustration & helps keep ones temper, even when provoked

Aragonite, star cluster

All Chakras- Found in Morocco -Supports healing & regenerating bones -Increased stamina & vitality -Heals emotional wounds & aligns the self with love -Assists in maintaining a center of serenity in trying circumstances & in discharging subconsciously held tensions relating to past emotional wounds -Enhances ones feelings of emotional strength & confidence, allowing one to be a “human star” emanating love & compassion for others -Releases pain & fear -Brings more love into the world

Arfvedsonite aka Firework Garnet (Rare)

Root, Throat & Third Eye Chakras—Found as far as Greenland this crystal is in the same family as Astrophlite -This crystal is a favorite of psychics, healers & light workers alike -Allows one to be grounded while doing intense throat chakra and third eye work -Crystalizes in the form of small prismatic inclusions -Illuminates the dark corners of ones psyche revealing ones true self -Helps relieve nightmares -Allows one to manifest & channel ones visions into reality


All Chakras—Gives one zest for self-discovery -Aids in overcoming addictions, destructive habits and depression  -Creates realization of ones life purpose -Aids both in expanding consciousness and as an anchor to assist one in returning home -Illuminates one true self


Metal is molecularly bonded with the surface of the stone. This bond will not scratch off and has no man made synthetic additives. The caring colors of the Aura’s are able to stimulate the relevant chakras and has been shown to produce a greater radius of energy.

Aura Spiralite Gemshells from India

All Chakras—The Great Spiral is one of the fundamental forms of existence -Offers healing benefits to ones whole being -Brings ones consciousness into powerful focus -Great stone for visionaries, channelers and intuitive healers -Assists in past life recall, Akashic record reading and access to higher spiritual information -Blends the mineral world and animal world allowing for greater access to crystal energies >Aura -Metal is molecularly bonded with the surface of the Quartz -This bond will not scratch off and has no man made synthetic additives -The varying colors of the Aura Quartz’s are able to stimulate the relevant chakras and has been shown to produce a greater radius of energy

Auralite -23

All Chakras—Consists of over 23 different minerals -Sourced only North of Lake Superior in Canada -Union with higher self -Inner purification -Releases patterns of anxiety, resentment, judgement, depression & defeat -Facilitates an uplifting of ones spirits & an awakening to the potentialities for a new life, all the way into ones cellular consciousness -Can dispel chronic physical problems -Stimulates higher awareness & telepathic connection with ones guides & guardians spirits

Australian Onyx

Stability-Courage-Helps sleeping disorders & depression


Third Eye & Crown Chakra- Helps with migraines, tinnitus, vertigo & overall brain health Supports insight into emotions & inspires emotional growth - Initiates inner visions & intuitive leaps of spiritual understanding -Enhances dreams & the development of psychic powers Stimulates intellect & aids in assimilation and retention of new information & ideas Nourishes a keen interest in all aspects of ones life & function in society 

Banded Calcite

All Chakras—Clears space of negative or stagnant energy -Good to place in the home or office Allows for a powerful transformation, clearing  and amplification  of emotions to bring good vibes present 


Root and Heart Chakras —Helps to link one to our highest purpose and higher self -Acts as a magnet to high frequency energy -Activates and clears blockages in the upper chakras -Allows for a stronger connection to intuitive abilities -Helps one to release trapped negative emotions  which no longer serve us and replace them with love -Soothes the nervous system -Also helps in the recovery of addictions


Solar Plexus, Third Eye & Crown Chakras—This stone is UV Active. When it is put under an Ultra Violet Light it lights up. -Strong psychic communication crystal -Known to aid one in  developing the type of communication with spirit that is for ones highest good -High vibration stone with an excellent level of crystal energy -An asset to use during meditation -Excellent healing attributes, including aiding one to release energy blockages from the meridians -Helpful stone when one is going through life changes of any kind -Known to help to bring a stronger level of persistence and emotional strength -Helps one to let go of the old in order to let in the new -If one is in business this stone may help to work out what direction to take the business when it is stalling or stagnating and needs a boost

Biotite (Black Fuchsite or Mica)

Root Chakra—Mica provides us with reflective qualities so that we can recognize the flaws of our humanity while staying heart centered so that we can love what we see here. It helps us to see situations in complete detail, highlighting areas of the greatest importance.

Mica is a wonderful energy to use when looking at yourself as it allows us to see that what you see in others, is what you choose to see, this allows us to see ourselves in others and eliminate patterns we do not like and embrace the ones we do. The clearer our vision becomes the more unified we are as the veil of separation disintegrates.

Mica enhances flexibility in all situations, helping us eliminate anger, tantrums and nervous energy. It helps release energy blocks within the body and align the chakras. Mica can be used for clarity in visions.


Bismuth is the 83rd element on the periodic table of elements. It sits just to the right of lead. Which means it is a bit heavier then lead. Bismuth is one of the most diamagnetic elements on earth. That means it repels north and south. With a powerful enough magnet it will float above magnet. Properties of Bismuth are to ease the ache of loneliness and isolation & to help in the transition between planes (physical to spiritual or astral) -Like a mystical booster rocket to other planes

Black Agate

Root Chakra—Grounding & Protective -Brings peace and calm during bereavement -Allows strength to move forward in life -Helpful for stressed households to find calm -Assists in shoulder and neck pain, mobility, bone and joint issues

Black Amethyst

Crown, Third Eye & Root Chakra-Migraine relief -The inclusion of hematite in black amethyst allows the excess energy that enters the crown & third eye chakras, which does not flow properly out of the body & causes migraines, to flow down through the chakras & out of the root chakra for pain relief -Protects one from psychic attack -Connection to the divine  Creates a protective shield around the physical body & aura -Combats addiction  -Provides restful sleep & relaxation -Helps one become more consciously awake by increasing spiritual awareness 

Black Midnight Aura Quartz

All Chakras—“Aura” Quartzes are a “man inspired creation” -The metal combinations are not shared for fear of “trade secrets” being given to other manufactures -There are only a few in the world with the equipment to make these Quartz’s -With extreme heat of up to 800 degrees fahrenheit, the metals are molecularly bonded with the surface of the Quartz This bond will not scratch off and has no man made synthetic additives -The varying colors of the Aura Quartz’s are able to stimulate the relevant chakras and has been shown to produce a greater radius of energy

Black Kyanite

ALL Chakras Especially the Root—Balance -Grounding -Energizing -Balances the meridian system -Promotes energy flow -Clears blocked energies in any chakra -Supports awakening of inter-dimensional consciousness -Can take one back to past lives & forward to probable futures 

Black Moonstone

Third Eye, Crown & Root Chakras—Very unusual find coming to us from Madagascar Mystery Self-discovery -Intuition Insight -Dreams -Stimulates inner reflection -Attunement with Divine Feminine -Encourages calmness, patience & inner tranquility -Enhances psychic abilities and helps one develop the skill of clairvoyance -Opens blockages which allow healing from past trauma

Black Obsidian

Root Chakra—Psychic & Spiritual protection -Eliminates negative energies in oneself & ones environment -Helps dispel self-judgement and self-sabotage -Aids in healing the body & soul Grounding -Cleanses the auric field of disharmony & negative attachments -Helps communication with spirit realms

Black Opal

Root & Crown Chakras—Considered to be extremely lucky -Eases distress and depression and hopelessness -Helps one face their darkest fears and to release that which is holding one back -Linking the Root and Crown Chakras, Black Opal connects one’s highest spiritual aspirations with one’s physical body, making it a powerful magnifier of intention and manifestation -A protective stone for deep inner work, soul retrieval or past-life recall, and can be used for “gazing” into the past, present or future

Black Tourmaline 

Root Chakra—Dispels negative energy around you -Brings good luck, happiness & good health Supports purification of the body -Eliminates toxic substances & emotions such as worry, judgment, fear, anger & shame -Psychic protection for anyone who must work or live in challenging places or circumstances

Black Spinel

Crown & Solar Plexus Chakra—Inspires self-transformation -Encourages optimism -Dispels negative thoughts -Revitalization -Brings fresh energy to where it is needed in the body 


Root Chakra—Great purifier -Healing tool for dispelling negative influences from the auric field Grounding -Enhances ones strength, determination & courage -Elicits the highest, most altruistic character traits -Increases ones zest for living & endurance in physical activity -Aids in detoxification -Inspires courage to face illness & mortality -Good talisman for those who are ill, even if curing the illness is not possible

Blue Apatite

Third Eye Chakra—Calms headaches -Uplifts ones mood -Aids in exploration of past lives, lucid dreaming & dream recall -Also aids with vertigo -Cleanses the auric field -Stone of inspiration Encourages “Aha” moments with instant understanding of answers to long-standing problems or questions -Aids to improve ones coordination -Suppress hunger -Helps one to achieve ones weight loss goals

Blue Aventurine

Assists in making clear decisions, selfishness & passive aggressive behavior -Aids in overcoming unhealthy habits-inner strength and self discipline-balances hormones

Blue Calcite

Throat & Third Eye Chakras—Soothes and protects the emotional body -Gives access to the creative consciousness and inspired self-expression -Protects empaths from the bombardment of other peoples energies -Provides a cocoon of spiritual blue light around the auric field -Can screen out negative or unpleasant energies -Stimulates ones access to inspiration -Enhances the vividness of dreams and the ability to recall and integrate them -Aids psychic ability and astral travel -Helps with lung, throat and respiratory issues  

Blue Lace Agate

Throat Chakra-Helps one communicate ones deepest truth -Confidence in communication           -Helpful for releasing negative habits of interaction and speech -Enhances communication with inner guides & connection with ones inner wisdom -Carry, wear or keep in your space if you struggle to express your emotions without getting upset

Blue Opal

Throat, Third Eye & Solar Plexus—Activates blue ray of the throat chakra -Also helps with that issues such as laryngitis, sore thorax and thyroid -Amplifies ones positive emotions -Brings quiet strength, calm confidence, decisiveness and inner exploration -Clarity of purpose -Facilitates remembrance of past lives -Talisman for all types of positive magic -Aids in lucid dreaming, shamanic journeying and communication with spirit beings

Blue Sandstone

Promotes healing -Generates energy -Stabilizes emotions -Lifts depression

Blue Sapphire

Third Eye & Throat Chakras— Enhances psychic abilities -Aids in the healing of headaches, vertigo, earaches & vision problems -Stimulates ESP insight & mental clarity -Help organize ones ideas & perceptions -Opens channels to communicate ones highest wisdom

Blue Tiger Eye

Third Eye & Throat Chakras—Helps one get in touch with ones inner voice, natural intuition, and instinct -Also wonderfully calming, restoring peace -Helps one to de-stress and relax -Has a great psychic vibration allowing us to see ourselves, as well as others, and the world around us more clearly -Can really help negative or depressing thoughts -Helps one draw focus on their goals

Blue Topaz

Throat & Third Eye Chakras— Enhances the mind & communication -Opens psychic abilities Supports healing of sore throat, speech impediments & hyper active thyroid -Hones ones verbal skills to communicate ones deepest feelings -Improves ones attention span & ability to concentrate on mental tasks -This stone is a natural magnifier of mental & verbal abilities 

Blue Quartz

Soothing -Stress relief -Inspires hope -Peace and tranquility -Enhances organizational skills Assists in the ability to reach out to others -Calms the mind -Inspires hope -Promotes understanding ones spiritual nature

Botswana Agate

Supports love & strength to look for solutions rather than dwelling on difficulties -Helps find partners who are spiritually in tune and share their dreams -Good for those giving up smoking Protection while traveling-Especially effective against traffic accidents 

Brandberg Quartz

All Chakras -From the Brandberg Mountains in Namibia, Africa. Often found with some combination of Amethyst, Smoky and Clear Quartz. -Healing with the capacity to restore one back to their etheric blue print in order to realign with the Divine Source


Root Chakra—“The stone of courtesy & focused attention”-Alleviates nervous anxiety from new situations -Grounding -Instills a sense of stillness, allowing one to be more objective, seeing the bigger picture & making a more informed decision -Enhances creativity & forward thinking Dispels negative energy especially for those under psychic attack, sending the negativity back to its sender  


Throat & Crown Chakras—From Pakistan -Helps one make sound decisions -Assists one in speaking the truth -Aids healing bones -Enhances interaction in groups which allows coherence in groups -Can improve mood and enhance clearer thinking -Aids goal setting and starting business  

Bumblebee Jasper

Solar Plexus Chakra—Only found in Australia -Brings inspiration to ones creative manifestation         -Melds passion and purpose together to unfold ones destiny and help one persist and overcome the obstacles that may come up in seeing through this destiny -Stone of adventure Helps one seize opportunities -Aids one in being more aware of “gut Feelings” or instincts   When worn can increase clarity, inspiration and manifestation



Solar Plexus, Third eye and Crown —Alignment with the divine plan -Spiritual cleansing and purification -Regeneration of the body -Aids with clearing digestive issues -“New” DNA strand activation -Encourages surrender to the divine -Diffuses ego fixation -Facilitates acceleration of spiritual evolution, grounding spiritual light

Calcite (Clear)

All Chakras—Insight -Clarity -Manifestation -Forgiveness -Releasing anger, resentment, arrogance, and envy -Creates inner clarity -Stimulates metabolism and energy flow -Can be used to amplify the effect of ones intent

Calcite (Red)

Root & Crown Chakras—Found in Mexico -Vitality -Sensory awareness -Clarity -Supports reproductive health, bone growth and density -Allows one to be spiritually present in the physical world -Encourages one to be passionate and enthusiastic about  life

Candle Quartz

Chakras- all —From Madagascar -Opens one spiritually and energetically to abundance and prosperity -Assists with depression -These stones have a high energy vibration, however they are still very grounding -Ancient knowledge from Atlantis is said to be brought by this stone Opens, soothes, and balances the heart chakra

Cappuccino Japer

Helps one find strength and equilibrium-Assists in removing pollutants and toxins from the body Stone of protection -A guardian driving away negativity -Gentleness -Calming -Relaxation                 -Stabilizes ones personal energy and aura -Nurturing stone -Helps to keep one grounded during astral travel


Root, Sacral & Solar Plexus Chakras—Passion -Creativity -Motivation -Self-confidence -Good luck -Assists in finding ones mate -Supports detoxing from alcohol & drugs -Helps one gain strength after illness or injury -Is Pyroelectric and gives off an electric charge when heated—It is believed to radiate sexual energy from the heat of the body when it is worn


Third Eye, Crown and Etheric Chakras—Serenity -One of the best stones for angelic communication, especially between oneself and ones guardian angels or guides -Access to higher dimensions -Helps clear negative attachments, dispel fear and paranoia -Calms the emotional body 


Heart Chakra—The name of this crystal comes from the French word celadon, meaning “sea green.” Brings longevity -Physical healing -Enhances heart healing -Helps regulate the flow of spiritual energy -Brings oxygen to the body and is a gentle healer


Root & Crown Chakras —Alchemical transformation of self -Encourages equanimity through change -Initiates transformation from human to divine self -Great stone for spiritual pioneers who desire self-transformation -Stimulates energies of the root chakra and links them to the crown chakra -Builds vibrational spiral up through the spinal column, energizing each of the chakras along the way -Can assist those going through unexpected transitions in health, relationships and self-awareness to find the most appropriate new pattern for their life  


All Chakras—This type of Pyrite contains Copper, therefore it contains both the properties of Pyrite and Copper—Copper -Conducts & enhances other stones vibrations -Helps one gain spiritual perspective on emotional experiences -Creates a channel for & grounding of higher vibrations                 -Supports blood, aids tissue repair & increases vitality >Pyrite -Manifestation -Vitality                        -Willpower -Creativity -Confidence -Encourages mastering fear -Promotes positive attitude                 -Banishes negativity -Assists in overcoming bad habits and establishing new patterns of health and positive energy -Aids in overcoming anxiety -Feeds the qualities of ambition, commitment & persistence 

Chalcedony, Blue

Throat & Third Eye Chakras—Communication- Throat problems -Calms one in times of stress Balance -Release of inhibitions -Great stone for one in counseling and to someone who is a counselor -Helps remembering past lives that are most relevant to what one needs for growth and progress

Chalcedony, Brown

Root Chakra-Agate family - Stabilizing and strengthening -Eases anxiety

Chalcedony, Green

Heart Chakra—Courage -Strengthens the soul -Very healing

Chalcedony, White

All Chakras—Nurturing stone -Promotes good will -Brings the mind, body, emotions and spirit into harmony -Dissipates negative thoughts, emotions and bad dreams


Third Eye, Crown, Root, Solar Plexus Chakras—Purges inner negativity -Reveals one’s path of service -Dispels nightmares -Overcomes unconscious & deep rooted fears -Unconditional love Initiates Psychic Protection -Cleanses one’s etheric body -Merges heart & crown chakra energies, allowing for deeper spiritual insights in an inner climate of unconditional love

Chevron Amethyst

All Chakras—Is a combination of Amethyst and Clear Quartz and is recognized by a V- striped or banded pattern -Enhances both intuition and physical vision on all planes of existence -Also aids in strengthening self-esteem, stress relief, removing resistance to change -Dispels all negative energy >Amethyst -Serenity -Promotes clarity -Eliminate chaos -Overcome addictions  >Clear Quartz -Amplifies the properties of any stone it is combined with -Enhances all of Amethysts powerful qualities


All Chakras—Possibly the most powerful healing stone - Detoxifies, purifies and cleanses the aura, physical body, the chakras and energy meridians -Removes unwanted energy and emotions, negativity, anger, hostility and illness

Chocolate Calcite/Brown Aragonite

Root Chakra—Highly grounding -Stabilizing energy -Brings a sense of inner balance and expanded awareness -May also create a sense of emotional stability by reminding you that whatever you are feeling will pass -Empowering and encouraging one to use all of ones energies constructively -Clears stagnant energy -Helps reduce fear and stress -Awareness of opportunities for prosperity and growth -Encourages one to pursue ones heart’s desires Manifestation -Physical healing

Chrysanthemum Stone

All Chakras -Grounding -Prosperity -Discovering & achieving the souls purpose -Inspires courage -Embracing ones true potential -Supports finding the opportunities to live ones dream


Throat, Heart & Root Chakras—Aids with calming and the release of stress and anxiety  Facilitates expressing inner wisdom from the heart especially for those who are shy -Also aids in the process of formulating ones ideas that reveal ones innate wisdom -Supports the adrenals & thyroid


Heart & Solar Plexus Chakras—Prosperity-Growth-Compassion -Connection with Divine Love, Nature Spirits & Soul of the Earth -Forgiveness -Supports regeneration, youthfulness & vitality Encourages love & trust Release of fear-based emotions -Helps one remain centered in the heart, providing the courage to face difficult situations with steadfast resolve & truth-centered compassion


Root, Sacral & Third Eye Chakras—Transformation -Mental agility -Clearing toxins -Helps one release anger and resentment -Face the truth courageously —Aids in overcoming infection Magic -Manifestation -Wealth -Facilitates perceiving the Divine pattern

Cinnabar with Quartz

The above properties along with the following -Alchemical transformation—the full manifestation, the fulfillment of the Devine pattern we carry within -Stimulates the third eye and makes for the ability to see visions of the potential future -Ideal stone for creative people and business owners whom can use it to actualize their dreams and create prosperity  -Also if one feels a kinship to the Magician archetype it acts as a conduit between the spiritual and material worlds -Can assists one in creatively directing subtle energies into manifestation


Solar Plexus Chakra—Manifestation through will -Activates the thinking process & clarity Creativity -Supports digestion, metabolism & weight loss -Optimism -Decisiveness in difficult situations -Creative imagination -The vibratory resonance of Citrine activates and harmonizes the second, third and sixth chakras (the three energy centers), all of which are necessary to the process of creative imagination -Through the second chakra, Citrine stimulates the creative function, the wellspring from which new potentials are born Citrine generates the human dynamo of personal will

Clear Apophyllite

Crown & Third Eye Chakras—Allows one to contact guides and angels -Facilitates interdimensional travel -Helps one discover trust in the Divine -Serve as a window into other worlds -Great meditation stone -Attunes one to the higher-frequency energies

Clear Calcite

All Chakras—Forgiveness, of oneself and others -Manifestation -Can programmed to amplify ones intent, brings the intent into manifestation -Great stone for one who needs an “attitude adjustment” -Helps flare-ups of temper -Great stone for meditation, allowing one to see paradoxical ideas and not have to take one side or the other -Reality is paradoxical in its very essence therefore, understanding this allows one to embrace life 

Clear Quartz

All Chakras—Master Quartz -Healer’s Quartz -Cleanses the mind and body -Align with higher self -Supports the nervous system -Can be programmed to assist in any type of healing Heightened spiritual awareness -Amplifies the energies of other stones & ones own intention Chakra opening -Communication with guides -Attracting & sending love -Prosperity 

Cobalt Aura Quartz

All Chakras—Aura” Quartzes are a “man inspired creation” -The metal used in this piece is Cobalt -Some properties of Cobalt are radiance and powerful vitality -With extreme heat of up to 800 degrees fahrenheit, the metal is molecularly bonded with the surface of the Quartz -This bond will not scratch off and has no man made synthetic additives -The varying colors of the Aura Quartz’s are able to stimulate the relevant chakras and has been shown to produce a greater radius of energy >Clear Quartz = Master Quartz -Healer’s Quartz -Cleanses the mind and body -Align with higher self -Supports the nervous system -Can be programmed to assist in any type of healing -Heightened spiritual awareness -Amplifies the energies of other stones & ones own intention -Opens chakras -Communication with guides -Attracting & sending love Prosperity

Coco Jasper

Releases fear 

Conch Shell

All Chakras—Found off the coast of South Africa -Conch Shells are a symbol of spiritual awakening, courage, truthful speech & strength 


All Chakras—Conducts & enhances other stones vibrations -Helps one gain spiritual perspective on emotional experiences -Creates a channel for & grounding of higher vibrations -Supports blood, aids tissue repair & increases vitality


All Chakras--Creativity -Optimism -Inner peace -Strength -Understanding purpose -Great for water travel -Known to relax and quiet the emotions and bring peace within oneself Facilitates visualization, imagination, intuition and helps one communicate with spiritual masters of the world -Known as the stone of regeneration and purification providing boundless growth in all areas of life, stimulating adaptability, and one’s learning and retention capabilities -Physically used to strengthen the circulatory system, as well as regenerate tissue -Also used in the treatment of calcium deficiencies, and dysfunctions in the spinal canal and nervous system

Coral Calcite

Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus & Heart Chakras—From Peru-Promotes vitality and confidence    Helps to bring an overall appreciation for life -Lifts any negative emotions and transmutes them into positive -Amplifies one's virtues and helps one to learn to live by them -Enhances positive will -Helps heal rifts left in the psyche from trauma, making room for Divine energy to enter into the Heart -Activates sympathy and compassion for others as well as for the self -Aids physically with bone, pancreas, kidney and liver issues -Emotionally aids with coping, depression, divorce and suicidal thoughts


Corundum is naturally clear and transparent -However, it can have different colors when impurities are present Any red variety of corundum is known as ruby and all the other colors of corundum are known as sapphire -Promotes insight to the unknown -Enhances one's intuitive awareness -Stimulates ambition and confidence -Quells emotions -Helps one to release anger in a positive manner

Crackle Quartz

Power of pure happiness and joy -Brings promise of hope -Manifests your hearts desire

Crazy Lace Agate

Balancing & protecting stone -Brings laughter & absorbs emotional pain -Helps with decision making by balancing the physical, emotional & mental bodies -Aids in being focused -Proactive stone particularly emotionally proactive

Cyclotite Fossil                  (from Morocco)

These coral fossils are 145 million years old. They come from the upper crust of the Cretaceous period which followed the Jurassic period. Coral All Chakras—Creativity -Optimism -Inner peace -Strength -Understanding purpose Great for water travel -Known to relax and quiet the emotions and bring peace within oneself Facilitates visualization, imagination, intuition and helps one communicate with spiritual masters of the world -Known as the stone of regeneration and purification providing boundless growth in all areas of life, stimulating adaptability, and one’s learning and retention capabilities -Physically used to strengthen the circulatory system, as well as regenerate tissue -Also used in the treatment of calcium deficiencies, and dysfunctions in the spinal canal and nervous system

Dalmation  Jasper

Root Chakra—Breaks down barriers you’ve created as protection around you -Relieves the need to take revenge on someone -Allows you to find your true purpose -Releases lack of trust in others


Heart, Crown & Etheric Chakras—Excellent stone for one who needs to release stress & worry Also excellent for one who is grieving -Aids in finding inner peace -Calms fear -Facilitates inter dimensional travel & communication with spiritual entities -Soothes the heart and sends it a message that all is well -Calms down the mind chatter that can create stress -By holding one in ones hand , it aids in helping one sleep

Dendritic Agate

All Chakras—Growth & wisdom through inner work -Long life -Facilitates pain relief (esp. back & neck pain) -Good health -Helps low blood count and health issues related to stress, addictive behavior & low self-esteem -Encourages development of ones true self & embodiment of ones highest potential -Strengthens the fiber of the self through inner work  -Assists one in taking the day-to-day steps necessary to achieve desired insight and behavior changes -Helps one stay realistically positive through needed transformation

Dendritic Chalcedony

All Chakras—Growth & wisdom through inner work -Long life -Facilitates pain relief (esp. back & neck pain) -Good health -Helps low blood count and health issues related to stress, addictive behavior & low self-esteem -Encourages development of ones true self & embodiment of ones highest potential -Strengthens the fiber of the self through inner work  -Assists one in taking the day-to-day steps necessary to achieve desired insight and behavior changes -Helps one stay realistically positive through needed transformation

Dendritic Picture Jasper

Root Chakra—Helps to alleviate fear, stress and anxiety -Creates calm -Connection with Earths consciousness -Inner journeying to sacred sites & ancient civilizations -Assists with neck and back pain

Dendritic Opal

All Chakras—Helps with ones growth, physically and spiritually -Allows one to be consciously aware of the nature of life’s experience, giving clarity into ones actions -Brings balance and harmony into ones life -Discernment -Accepting others -Non judgment just acknowledgment of others for who they are -Facilitates pain relief (esp. back & neck)

Desert Rose Selenite 

All Chakras—Rids the mind of old thought-processes -Carries the energies of protection, prosperity & purification -Neutralize negative energy from a space or person -Excellent stone for intuitive work -Quiets the mind by ridding it of fear, anxiety, doubt and other distractions Powerful energy cleansing crystal and is a channel of white healing light -Carries a gentle calming and rejuvenating energy that can help to relieve stress while enhancing your willpower

Dinosaur Bone

Dinosaur Bone is formed from petrified remains of dinosaur bones that have been naturally permeated with minerals nearly 66 million years old and up to 245 million years old -These stones are full of wisdom, energy and magic -Helps rid old unhealthy attachments and allow one to move forward with new ideas  -Assists one in understanding changes of the earth -Excellent for connecting to earth’s old energies and inhabitants -Inspires adventure in nature -The color of each stone is characteristic of the minerals that became ingrained in the remnants -Often, Calcite or Agate may have assisted in the color of Dinosaur Bone


All Chakras—Centeredness - Helps one avoid emotional and spiritual extremes -Moderation Grounding -Aids in getting one “in the body” -Great for achieving calm -Reins in excessive passions -Good to be in the environment of teenagers balancing the raging hormones -For small children helps avoid tantrums

Double Terminated crystals

Emit energy from both ends at the same time, making them a great stone for cleansing and balancing the Chakras -Can be used to amplify energy and intention, and protect against radiation

Dragons Blood Calcite

Root Chakra—Energizes and motivates -Releases stress, anger and fear especially of old rooted stories of the past

Dream Agate

Protection -Courage -Emotional strength -Eases anxiety and stress -Releases resentment 

Druzy   (Could be from South Brazil)

These tiny, ethereal, amorphous crystals have a delicate, subtle yet powerful magical energy. Their form represents new beginnings or early stages of thoughts and ideas ready to develop. They can assist with any projects or thoughts that are in the early, creative stages. Druzy reinforces clarity and the many tiny crystals represent infinite creative power and growth. Assists those who work with the stone to grow roots and develop from the earliest stages to full development and manifestation -Help to open blocked energy and assist its wearer find his or her own inner light -Also helps one to connect on all levels to their particular higher power Strengthens the circulatory and immune systems and purifies the reproductive system -Some believe that it can treat infection -May also heal mental and emotional issues


Third Eye Chakra—Stone of divine inspiration and “emotional intelligence” -Psychic ability Inner guidance -Enhanced learning capacity and mental discipline -Supports neural functioning and clarity of consciousness -It enhances ALL mental abilities…Iinguistic, mathematical, abstract etc. -Helps one ,make the mental leaps necessary for transcending difficulties and solving problems Enhances one’s willpower in regard to learning 

Earth Star Jasper

Calming -Optimism

Elestial Smoky Quartz

Has an extremely high vibration and is a powerful aid to your spiritual growth. These crystals facilitate a deep spiritual healing energy.  They continuously receive spiritual vibrations which allows you to receive an infusion of love and light just by being near the stone. 


Heart Chakra—Love and compassion -Healing -Abundance -Supports the heart, blood and circulatory system -Opens heart to love, forgiveness, compassion and trust -Emerald is the purest crystalline emanation of the Green Ray -Stone that most purely represents the energy patterns of the activated heart chakra -Helps one to stay centered in the wisdom of the heart Aids in healing heartbreak

Emerald Green Aventurine

Heart Chakra-Supports the heart , blood and circulatory system -Facilitates the awakening to Divine Love -Instills life force and supports general healing -Assists one in dealing with the ups & downs of life -Confidence -Peace amid difficulty 


Enhydro is the name given to a crystal that has fluid, gas or carbon inside the crystal. During it’s creation millions of years ago, an air or gas bubble occurred. This trapped water and or sediment inside the crystal. The fluid or sediment can be seen moving as the crystal is moved in different directions. The water inside the crystal doubles the amplification. These stones are helpful with relationship work. Finding empathy and understanding perspective.   

Epidote                         (Green Tourmaline)

All Chakras—Supports attraction of what ones emanates -Creating through the Law of Attraction -If one acts with love and generosity, more of these traits will be brought into ones life -Used consciously can be a powerful tool to bring desired outcomes -One must maintain a seed of what one is trying to attract -Not a free ride -If one wants prosperity (generosity from the Universe) one must be generous -If one wants love, then one must be loving 


Heart & Root Chakras—From Russia -Increased life force and love force-Overall health and vitality -Self-love -Heals the emotional body -Encourages the awakening of the heart and following the wisdom of heart -Brings together the things we must do (ie. providing food, shelter, maintenance of physical health) together with what we dream of doing -Psychic protection

Eye of Shiva Agate

All Chakras—From India, carved into the eye shape, wash up on riverbed -Provides perceptiveness in stressful situations -Gives inspiration from and connectedness with the Spirit World -Provides protection against evil and gives extrasensory perception -Great stone for those seeking transformation -Aids in finding a new path or approach to gain what one desires Talisman for when the desire is to understand our world and events that transpire -A water stone helps keep things moving forward, around and over to ones desires -Excellent stone to ward off nightmares and assist in restful sleep

Faden Quartz

All Chakras—Very powerful in its healing ability — This quartz has a unique shape because as this crystal grows, it breaks apart and heals itself  back together then begins to grow again Assists in ANY type of healing **Also See Qualities of Clear Quartz

Fairy Stone

Root Chakra—Found in Northern Quebec Canada -Formed on the bottom of lakes with a Glacier origin, carried by water as the Glaciers retreated -Found on the banks of rivers and shores of ponds and lakes -Nature spirit energy -Very grounding -Carry, wear or place in the home for good luck -Powerful in that it knows what needs “moved” in order for one to grow

Family Crystals or Family Clusters

Family Crystals -Family clusters enhance and promote harmonious energies in family life or in groups that are family-like. These are useful in work places as well. Also they promote teaching and learning in the same way one learns from a parent.

Fancy Jasper

All Chakras—Assists one to prevent procrastination-Grounding mental energies -Discipline & perseverance -Steady healing -Aids in over coming insomnia -Supports general health  Helps calm fear or worry caused by overactive mental energies 


All Chakras—Feminine, moon and goddess energy -Helps in honoring oneself as a woman by honoring one’s sexuality and ability to create a new life -This stone will help break the habit of continually selecting the wrong partner -Helps one acknowledge their own true value as not an extension of someone else

Fire Agate

Sacral Chakra—Vitality -Sexuality -Creativity -Will -Increases passion -Enhances sexual attraction -Awakens the lower chakras & fills one with the zest for living -Assists one in making real the blueprint of ones life purpose -Creates a powerful shield of protection around you

Fire Opal

Sacral Chakra—Awakens passion -Creativity -Supports the reproductive system -Encourages optimism, playfulness & zest for life -Manifestation -In meditation one may find that the emotional intensity will increase 

Fire Quartz

Also known as Hematoid Quartz, from Morocco is a combination of Quartz and Hematite >Quartz -Cleanses the mind and body -Align with higher self -Supports the nervous system      Can be programmed to assist in any type of healing -Heightened spiritual awareness -Amplifies the energies of other stones & ones own intention -Chakra opening -Communication with guides -Attracting & sending love -Prosperity >Hematite -Manifestation -Protects the body’s field from toxic energies -Aids in self-forgiveness -Most effective stone for grounding oneself in the body & the physical world -Supports the blood -Releases us from old habits to allow growth towards higher values -Balances the auric field & aligns the chakras -Helps one believe in ones dreams and bring them into manifestation 


This specimen of Amethyst includes flowers (rare). Flowers enhance spiritual expansion. They facilitate higher conscious connection with Spirit Guides, Angels & Source.

Flower Agate

From Madagascar —These Agates have three dimensional flower like plumes- The patterns mirror seeds and blossoms- Encourage self-growth, allowing one to blossom into ones full potential- Clears away seeds of fear, anxiety and self-doubt


All Chakras-Helps anxiety about the future -Quiets the mind-Improved decision making “Psychic Vacuum Cleaner” clearing the atmosphere of confusion, cluttered thoughts, negativity & astral contamination -Assists one in making subtle but important discriminations regarding the kinds of energies & people one will allow into ones world -Helps overcome disease & vertigo


Fossils can help increase accomplishments in the area of business and add excellence to one's environment. They also aid one in being open to change and new ideas. Also helpful to calm the mind and nervous system.

Fossil Stone

Business success -Helps one to open to new ways of thinking with fresh & innovative ideas Increase life span & reduce toxins, fatigue, digestive disorders, rheumatism, anxiety & stress   Aids in overcoming fears generated in the past or during childhood

Fossilized Algae

Brings chaos into order -Aids in listening to all sides, evaluating what has been said, applying deductive reasoning and intuition -Inner knowing of the best direction to take -Promotes success

Frosted Agate

Protection -Courage -Emotional strength -Eases anxiety and stress -Releases resentment 


Heart Chakra—Referred to as the “stone of health” -Helps us to understand issues concerning our daily lives such as stress, physical health, routines, career and environment -Great stone to be kept in the home when a family member is sick and others look after them -Encourages each person to be responsible for their own health and growth in life -Excellent stone for caregivers to release the need to be responsible for another person 

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