Sphalerite   All Chakras - Sphalerite is a significant zinc ore which is usually found in hydrothermal veins -Helps one harmonize female and male aspects while also unleashing your creativity Grounds one spiritually -Encourages discernment Helps one unlock and activate psychic abilities and remove any kind of blockage that’s preventing them from developing -Also increases stamina -Supports healthy immune system -Strengthens passion for life and love, and boosts overall energy -Assists burnout, stress, and fatigue -Supports one in manifesting dreams into reality by increasing ones willpower and determination


 "Aura" The process where Metal is molecularly bonded with the surface of the stone. This bond will not scratch off and has no man made synthetic additives. The caring colors of the Aura’s are able to stimulate the revenant chakras and has been shown to produce a greater radius of energy.

XL Sphalerite Aura Tower

  • 8" Tall

    2  1/4" Wide

    Weight -  2lbs. 3.8 oz.