> Root Chakra—Strongly protective stone -Dispels negativity from ones thoughts, reduces stress levels and brings more pleasure and enjoyment into ones life -Makes one much more open to new ideas, alleviates mood swings and depression and brings hope -Brings light and love into ones life and yet also helps one to cut the ties of old loves and gently release the hold that others have had on ones heart -Helps to stimulate ones intuition and psychic awareness making it much easier to communicate with higher beings, ones ancestors, spirit guides and angelic forces -Helps when treating broken bones, bruising and other related tissue damage Also may help with pain relief, improving our blood flow and bad eyesight

Velvet Obsidian (Rare) from Mexico

  • Average Width - 1  3/4  inches

    Average Length - 2  3/4 inches

    Weight Average - 132 gms