Vanadinite -Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus & Third Eye Chakras—Great stone to get big projects done Aids mental clarity -Vitality and stamina -Discipline -Persistence, will, endurance and power -For healers and readers it allows one to stay grounded and linked with the body while not diminishing the connected channel with the higher realms

Red Quartz -Root and Sacral Chakras especially Energizes and grounds you -Great for self-realization and acceptance -Helps clear thinking and decision making -Assists one with creative endeavors -This is a Quartz that has a coating of Hematite that Mother Nature has grown on it Encourages positive action -Helps produce an abundance of physical energy and vitality Cleanses the mind and body -Align with higher self Supports the nervous system -Can be programmed to assist in any type of healing Heightened spiritual awareness -Amplifies the energies of other stones & ones own intention -Chakra opening Communication with guides Attracting & sending love -Prosperity

Vanadinite & Red Quartz

  • Length - 4  1/4  inches

    Width -  2  inches

    Weight - 6.3 oz.