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All Chakras—Rare -Parts of this stone form about one percent of the lunar crust and is present in any rock or meteorite originating from the moon -In the Earth pocket its combined with Quartz, Lazulite & Scorzalite -Recently discovered in Australia, Rwanda & Brazil -This stone is a very rare ascension crystal -Connects deeply with the individual to bring cellular memories into conscious understanding -This stone powerfully propels one back in time before human existence then catapults one into infinite possibilities -Releases pain & anger -Clears emotional debris -Great for healers as it activates all energy centers and light channels -Increases metaphysical abilities

Troilite Moon Wire Wrapped Necklace

  • Pendant - 1  inch L , 1  inch W

    Wire Color - Copper w/ Blue

    Necklace Color - 22'' Stainless Steel

    All Wire used is Copper. There are different colored wire that is coated for variety

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