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Experience our new handmade collection of Intention Activated Orgonites!


Orgones are made of a resin and usually copper to begin with. Then there are an unlimited number of combinations of crystals or ones alone that are also included. Orgones -Help heal energy blockages  Protect the body from Electro Magnetic Radiation -Aids spiritual growth -Accelerates plant growth


Copper - All Chakras—Conducts & enhances other stones vibrations -Helps one gain spiritual perspective on emotional experiences -Creates a channel for & grounding of higher vibrations Supports blood, aids tissue repair & increases vitality


Titanium - ALL Chakras—Encourages a balanced and strong EMF (electro magnetic field) -Stimulates the auric field and meridians -Infuses the aura with a rainbow spectrum of light -Deflects negative energy -Stimulates the mind and gives access to higher dimensions of thinking -Metal of power of the new consciousness -Enhances & increases ones vibrational field


Shungite - All Chakras—The human bio-field has an electromagnetic nature. Radiation suppresses the bio-field and influences pathogens to organisms. Shungite completely neutralizes the harmful effects of EMR which attack ones energetic balance, ones health. Especially the way cell phones are held, ones cerebral and auditory functions. Shungite creates a field around itself, neutralizing pathogenic radiation and restoring the power to the person.


Black Tourmaline - Root Chakra—Dispels negative energy around you -Brings good luck, happiness & good health -Supports purification of the body -Eliminates toxic substances & emotions such as worry, judgment, fear, anger & shame -Psychic protection for anyone who must work or live in challenging places or circumstances

Shungite & Black Tourmaline Pyramid with a mix of Metals

  • The base is 1  3/16" X 1  1/4" T

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