Root, Sacral & Solar Plexus —Mixture of Yellow Calcite and Aragonite -Can assist one with any type of healing and help one discover the cause of a problem >Aragonite -Supports healing & regenerating bones -Increased stamina & vitality Heals emotional wounds & aligns the self with love -Assists in maintaining a center of serenity in trying circumstances & in discharging subconsciously held tensions relating to past emotional wounds Releases pain & fear -Brings more love into the world >Yellow Calcite -Enhances one’s will and self-confidence -Infuses new hope and self-confidence to face the future -Can assist greatly to help those who are pessimistic, sarcastic and overly-analytical -Helps assist hormonal imbalances -Aids releasing pain from muscles Detoxes kidneys -This stone has been called the ‘great eliminator’ as it helps release, fear, anger, frustration and anxiety

Septarian Heart

  • 2  5/8  X  2  1/2  inches

    Weight - 4.3 oz.