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Heart & Throat Chakras—Truthful communication Healing from trauma & arthritis Releases fear of judgement or conflict, finding inner freedom -Self discovery -Harmony within oneself & among others -Awakens compassion Empowers one in manifesting ones dreams & desires -Teaches one to speak the truth & to make what one speaks to come true -Helps with pain in the back and neck area Has a calming effect on the nervous system         


Holding an Amazonite and speaking what one wants to manifest can profoundly enhance ones ability to bring it into being

Russian Amazonite Wire Wrapped Necklace

  • Pendant - 2  inches L ,  1 1/4  inch W

    Wire Color - Copper & Green

    Necklace Length - 22 inches

    Necklace Color - Stainless Steel

    All Wire used is Copper. There are different colored wire that is coated for variety 

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