Earth Star, Root & Crown Chakras—Very rare  From Inner Mongolia -Ilvaite can be thought of as stone that exists in a state of balance and potential. It embodies the infinite cycle and indestructibility of energy. It also teaches the importance of appreciating the moment we are in, drawing the attention to the special set of circumstances that led up to this moment. Ilvaite can be a reminder to stand our ground when necessary and appreciate others who do the same, even if they stand against us. It helps us to choose our words carefully and listen with a deeper understanding. Ilvaite has also been considered a stone for protection, independence, grounding, and wisdom. Like an anchor, it can be a good stone for those whose thoughts tend to drift naturally into worries or anxieties. A Root/Crown stone can be an excellent combination for meditation as it expands consciousness while keeping our thoughts from straying.

Rare Ilviate from Inner Mongolia (A)

  • 2  1/4  X 1  1/4 inches

    Weight -  2.5 oz.