This piece of jewlery is from our Ji Collective Line. Ji Collective is a collective of women in India. These women in their free time, lovingly create jewlery pieces in a high vibration environment for all to enjoy.  


Clear Quartz -All Chakras—Master Quartz Healer’s Quartz Cleanses the mind and body Align with higher self -Supports the nervous system Can be programmed to assist in any type of healing Heightened spiritual awareness Amplifies the energies of other stones & ones own intention Chakra opening -Communication with guides Attracting & sending love -Prosperity


Yellow Aventurine -Solar Plexus Chakra—The golden light of this stone fills one with compassion and understanding, alleviating grief and centering the emotion


Rose Quartz -Heart Chakra -LOVE -Removes fears, resentments & anger -Heals emotional wounds -Releases stress -Supports the heart in healing from trauma -Teaches trust & hope -Its soothing vibrations are a balm to the emotions, and they calm & cleanse the entire auric field


Morganite -Divine love & compassion -Powerfully facilitates emotional self-healing through an inner surrender which releases us from the pain to which we had unconsciously been clinging -Brings immediate relief of old pains & sorrow, & a sense of lightness as though a burden has been lifted Dissolves egotism that might be blocking spiritual advancement


Larimar -Third Eye & Throat Chakras- Only found in the Caribbean Sea, on the island of Hispaniola Tremendous benefit to the throat chakra, providing the power of clear communication, emotional strength & stability that enable one to speak from the heart -Feminine Power -Connection with Goddess energies -Aids in freeing oneself from unhealthy attachments -Aids in healing stress-related illness & throat issues -Promotes serenity, relaxation & strength of emotional self

Quartz, Yellow Aventurine, Rose Quartz and Morganite with Larimar Mala 07

  • This mala is 38 inches long.