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Handmade and built with Intention by Lighthouse Crystals


Green Aventurine - Heart Chakra—Vitality -Growth -Confidence -Supports general healing & health Optimism -Zest for life -Peace amid difficulty Good Luck -Manifestation -Prosperity -Brings a feeling of lightness & humor -Assists one in dealing with the ups & downs of life -Helps one have confidence when facing new situations/change -In healing, it instills life force & aids in rebuilding depleted energy reserves -Supports and provides balance in auto-immune disorders & the immune system


Jade - Heart Chakra—Assists in healing inner organs especially the kidneys against ailments and kidney stones -Is able to overcome prejudices, virtues such as justice and compassion are reinforced -Joy -Pleasure to be alive -Abundance Good luck -Teaches one the connection between all living beings -Helps one let go of material things, ego, selfishness and greed -Aids indigestion when placing one on your solar plexus


Merkaba means vehicle of light. A Merkaba is made by combining two triangles (Tetrahedrons) which are a platonic solid. These together create a natural balance. Some benefits of working with a Merkaba -Expands ones awareness -Elevates ones consciousness -Increases intuitive and receptive aspects of ones mind -Recharges ones energy field

Prosperity & Abundance Merkaba

  • Height - approx.   2  inches 


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