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Heart Chakra —Fills ones aura with tranquility and peaceful energy - Good stone to use for emotional healing, as well as keeping ones emotions in balance -Sleeping with these healing stones underneath your pillow, or meditating with a pink opal stone over your heart chakra, fills your heart with compassion and encourages a gentle resolution of any painful emotional occurrences or memories -Especially beneficial for sensitive people—loving people—who are in need of healing wounds of the heart -Has a gentle frequency that helps to calm and soothe ones emotional body, clearing and calming the heart to bring a sense of love, peace and hope -If you are healing from a break up, or the loss of a loved one, these healing stones will help to heal your heart and painful emotions, encouraging you to move forward and open your heart to love again -Encourages the release of fear, worry or anxiety -Helps to dissipate stress, allowing you to be more centered and calm

Pink Opal Heart (A)

  • Height - 1  3/4  inches

    Width - 1  3/4  inches

    Weight - 1.2 oz.  

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