Nature's Waterfall Ion Therapy Shower Head

Living in our natural state we would be bathing in pure water from creeks and rivers that contained the healthy ions and imprints of the rocks, plants and earth. 

Our modern showers have strayed far from Nature's Flow....the water is beat up and laced with a plethora of chemicals.

Studies show in a 10 minute shower...between breathing steam and skin absorption we ingest more Chlorine, Flourite and other toxic chemicals than from drinking EIGHT glasses of the same tap water.


With this nature inspired shower head the water is once again allowed to flow through NATURAL filtration, next it flows across special Liquid Crystal stones as it receives an infrared energy infusion of over 80 plant botanicals, flower essences and gemstone therapy! Nature's Ions can now be GROUNDING and CLEANSING our energy fields of built up stress & toxins, at the same time helping to REBALANCE and REFRESH us. Just like nature intended!

Nature's Waterfall Ion Therapy Gemstone Shower Head

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  •  3  1/4'' X 10''

    Weight - 11.4oz