Solar Plexus Chakra—Self confidence and hope -Clears out old energy patterns and increases personal motivation and drive -Assists in riding self doubt & giving one the opportunity for a clean emotional slate

Matte Yellow Calcite Pumpkin

  • Width - 2  1/8  inches Round

    Height - 2  inches

    Weight - 5.1 oz.  

About Us: The Darshans. We are teachers & healers of multiple modalities surrounding you with love, light, peace and vibration always. 


Our Jewelry: Lighthouse Crystals & Cosmic Creations  was inspired by our passion for manifesting dreams. Each piece is uniquely created and made with love, light and a vision in mind. We clear all pieces for 24 hours and infuse positive energy into our creations while kept in a high vibration environment so that your piece arrives to you intention ready.


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