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Third Eye, Crown & Etheric Chakras- A great tool to keep one’s energy field clear, keep space/home clear of negative energy and clear crystals and stones -Clears energy blockages -Induces inner alignment -Inspires one to release insecurity & reach for ones desires -Facilitates healing, auric cleansing, upper chakra activation & spiritual attunement-Communication with the Higher Self, spirit guides & angels -Cuts cords of dysfunctional energy from the etheric body -Acts as a tool for enlightenment -Provides the link between spirit & matter


Merkaba means vehicle of light. A Merkaba is made by combining two triangles (Tetrahedrons) which are a platonic solid. These together create a natural balance. Some benefits of working with a Merkaba -Expands ones awareness -Elevates ones consciousness -Increases intuitive and receptive aspects of ones mind -Recharges ones energy field

Large Selenite Merkaba

  • 3  1/2  inches square

    Weight -  1 lb. 4.4 oz.  

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