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All Chakras—Found at the base of pyramids in southern Utah and Kansas -Naturally spherical Excellent tool for those engaged in shamanic journeying, rebirthing, breath work or other intense forms of inner work -Helps guide one to experiences that are beneficial to healing the soul and advancing one on the path of spiritual growth -Psychic protection -Provides a shield that keeps negative entities from attaching themselves Increases ones intuitive perception -Assists in connecting with ones power animal and other helpers and guides -Balances the polarities of ones vibrational field, as well as the meridian system Aids the alignment and proper attunement of chakras Supports the thyroid and adrenals -Can be programmed to assist any organ or system in the body -Helps overcome blocks

Large Boji Stone Sets of Two aka Shaman Stones

  • Weight -  3.2 oz.  

    Average Size - 2"X2"