Honey Calcite -Chakras- Root, Solar Plexus & Third Eye—Supports strength & stamina -Helps conserve physical energy -Aids in maintaining emotional stability through difficulty & fulfilling ones commitments -Inspires perseverance in spiritual practices -Persistence -Stimulates the intellect, making it possible for one to analyze challenges & see the most efficient solutions  Helps one overcome drowsiness -Allows one to stay alert during jobs that require long hours -Also facilitates a state of relaxation, so that ones work does not result in stress

Sphere Shape -Emits energy in all directions equally -Useful tool to perceive a complete picture (of self or situations) -Moves energy around and through the entire environment -Represents unity, completeness, infinity, the whole universe Increases self awareness -Connected to the spiritual nature of our complete self -Helps to bring out integrity, clear thinking -During meditation one may want to hold the sphere or just gaze upon it when meditating

Honey Calcite Sphere

  • Width - approx.  8 1/4  inches 

    Weight - 14.6 oz.


About Us: The Darshans. We are teachers & healers of multiple modalities surrounding you with love, light, peace and vibration always. 


Our Jewelry: Lighthouse Crystals & Cosmic Creations  was inspired by our passion for manifesting dreams. Each piece is uniquely created and made with love, light and a vision in mind. We clear all pieces for 24 hours and infuse positive energy into our creations while kept in a high vibration environment so that your piece arrives to you intention ready.


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