This is for one of the above pictured Enhydro Agates.


Enhydro is the name given to a crystal that has fluid, gas or carbon inside the crystal. During it’s creation millions of years ago, an air or gas bubble occurred. This trapped water and or sediment inside the crystal. The fluid or sediment can be seen moving as the crystal is moved in different directions. The water inside the crystal doubles the amplification of energy from the stone. These stones are helpful with relationship work. Finding empathy and understanding perspective.                                 



Victory in conflict -Increases intelligence -Enhances love, abundance, wealth, good luck, longevity & harmony -Protector of children -Helps to change our level of perception -Gives wearer the strength to carry on -Raises consciousness & links into collective consciousness  -Aids in the awareness of the oneness of life -Encourages quiet contemplation & assimilation of life experiences, leading to spiritual growth & inner stability -Helps clear stress & anxiety

Enhydro Agate

  • Weight - 2  to  2.4 oz