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Two billion year old stone referred to as the “miracle stone of the 21st century” -From the Karelian area of Russia near the small village of Shunga -Contains fullerenes that are proven powerful anti-oxidants -Helps neutralize any organism in ones body that is harmful and shields one from electromagnetic radiation given off by electrical equipment >Elite Silver Shungite, also called Noble Shungite -Most powerful Shungite and contains 98% organic carbon -Elite Shungite accounts for only 1% of all Shungite found in the world -The 1996 Nobel Prize in chemistry was awarded to three scientists for their discovery of the molecular structure fullerenes and their potential >Elite Shungite water balances particles in ones body. This balancing aids the body in many ways such as: Building the immune system -Helps depression -Relieving headaches and rheumatism Normalizes sleep -Stabilizes blood pressure -Helps allergies and asthma -Also helps to detox liver and kidneys -Strengthens the hair and rejuvenates the skin —>Directions to use in water: Using filtered or spring water —Add Elite Shungite and allow to sit for at least three hours —Save and reuse the Elite Shungite **Do not ingest the Shungite**

Shungite - All Chakras—The human bio-field has an electromagnetic nature. Radiation suppresses the bio-field and influences pathogens to organisms. Shungite completely neutralizes the harmful effects of EMR which attack ones energetic balance, ones health. Especially the way cell phones are held, ones cerebral and auditory functions. Shungite creates a field around itself, neutralizing pathogenic radiation and restoring the power to the person.


Elite Shungite For Water

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