This piece of jewlery is from our Ji Collective Line. Ji Collective is a collective of women in India. These women in their free time, lovingly create jewlery pieces in a high vibration environment for all to enjoy.  


Smoky Quartz -Root Chakra—Removes negative emotions -Relieves stress, fear, anger -Assists in achieving personal & business goals -Manifestation of ones dreams & inspirations into physical reality Dispels the physical effects of negative energies Transmutes unlimited amounts of negative energies into positive energy -Protective & grounding


Citrine -Solar Plexus Chakra—Manifestation through will -Activates the thinking process & clarity -Creativity -Supports digestion, metabolism & weight loss -Optimism -Decisiveness in difficult situations -Creative imagination -The vibratory resonance of Citrine activates and harmonizes the second, third and sixth chakras (the three energy centers), all of which are necessary to the process of creative imagination -Through the second chakra, Citrine stimulates the creative function, the wellspring from which new potentials are born Citrine generates the human dynamo of personal will


Labradorite -ALL Chakras—Magic -Protection Mental & Physical balance Detoxifying -Elevates consciousness -Amplifies the effects of healing prayers & affirmations -Aids in doing “inner work” to root out old negative patterns -Awakens in those who carry or wear it many of the mental and intuitive abilities such as: clairvoyance, telepathy, astral travel, prophecy, access to Akashic records, past-life recall and communication with higher guides and spirits

DNA Strand Tantric Smoky Quartz, Citrine & Labradorite Mala 03

  • This mala is 38 inches long.