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>We made this Pyramid for ultimate protection.                                                                                       

>Black Obsidian -Psychic & Spiritual protection Eliminates negative energies in oneself & ones environment              


>Mahogany Obsidian -Detoxes -Removes psychic implants -Clears blockages              


>Snowflake Obsidian - Clears negative and self-defeating thoughts -Protects while enhancing ones psychic abilities


Aluminum Mix - ALL Chakras—Encourages a balanced and strong EMF (electro magnetic field) Stimulates the auric field and meridians -Infuses the aura with a rainbow spectrum of light -Deflects negative energy Stimulates the mind and gives access to higher dimensions of thinking -Metal of power of the new consciousness -Enhances & increases ones vibrational field

Protection Generating Pyramid

  • The base is  2  1/4" X 2  1/2" T

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