This piece of jewlery is from our Ji Collective Line. Ji Collective is a collective of women in India. These women in their free time, lovingly create jewlery pieces in a high vibration environment for all to enjoy.  


Copper Howlite -Calming -Helps eliminate anger, pain & stress -Brings creativity through trust -Helps to release attachments or cords, linking old emotional pain from this life or a past life to the present


Brown Jasper -Most powerful healing stone of body & spirit -Purges the body of sickness while strengthening the spirit -Stone of peace and tranquility -Calms and relaxes, soothes troubled minds -Restores balance to the body and spirit Encourages one to open the heart to loving the self & others more fully -Increases the ability to receive love in return

Copper Howlite and Brown Jasper Mala 12

  • This mala is 52 inches long.