With utilizing more organic and natural skin care products in our lives, it only makes sense to have healing crystals involved with our skin care routines. Facial massage has an immediate impact on the fluid tissues of the face including blood flow and lymph. You'll open up pathways and improve lymphatic flow which reduces puffiness and inflammation. Also, your creams won't get wasted on your hands. Use this instrument to allow absorption of your creams and syrums.


-Keep at room temperature

-Use light pressure

-Start at the decollete` and neck (this opens pathways and creates flow for effective drainage)

-Glide from the center of the face to the side and down the neck 


Chevron Amethyst - All Chakras—Is a combination of Amethyst and Clear Quartz and is recognized by a V- striped or banded pattern -Enhances both intuition and physical vision on all planes of existence -Also aids in strengthening self-esteem, stress relief, removing resistance to change -Dispels all negative energy >Amethyst -Serenity -Promotes clarity -Eliminate chaos -Overcome addictions -Detoxing >Clear Quartz -Amplifies the properties of any stone it is combined with -Enhances all of Amethysts powerful qualities


Chevron Amethyst Facial Massager

    • United States -$3.49 U.S.
    • Outside U.S. -$13.50 U.S.
  • Length - 5  3/4 inches

    Width - 2  1/4 inches

    Weight 2.4 oz.