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Handmade and built with Intention by Lighthouse Crystals


These earrings include several different types of crystals.

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The stones included are:

-Black Tourmaline (Root Chakra) -Dispels ANY negative emotions and cleanses the energy field
-Carnelian (Sacral Chakra) -Passion Creativity Motivation

-Citrine (Solar Plexus Chakra) -Manifestation through will -Activates the thinking process & clarity

-Green Aventurine (Heart Chakra) -Vitality Growth -Prosperity -Supports general healing & health Optimism

-Larimar (Throat Chakra) -Helps provide the power of clear communication, emotional strength & stability that enable one to speak from the heart

-Lapis Lazuli (Third Eye Chakra) -Facilitates enhanced intuition & access to spiritual guidance Enhances intellectual ability, making one a better learner & teacher

-Iolite (Crown Chakra) -Encourages one to be calm & resourceful in difficult situations -Strengthens the energetic link between the brain & heart

-Peridot (Solar Plexus & Heart) -Creates an integration of Love & Will—“Little nuggets of positive power”-Increases prosperity


These earrings are Loaded with properties that cover ALL CHAKRAS and cleanses Negative Energy.

Chakra Earrings with Black Tourmaline

  • 2  3/4  inches L ,  5/8   inch W

    Stainless Steel


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