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Experience our new handmade collection of Intention Activated Orgonites!


The Pyramid was put together to be a powerful upper chakra activator to take you through the Cosmos with psychic protection.


Orgones are made of a resin and usually copper to begin with. Then there are an unlimited number of combinations of crystals or ones alone that are also included. Orgones -Help heal energy blockages  Protect the body from Electro Magnetic Radiation -Aids spiritual growth -Accelerates plant growth


Blue Lotus - Rare -Once used as an aphrodisiac This Potent Flower is still banned in Louisianna Blue Lotus Flower very powerfully stimulates the Third Eye


There is a Lazer Wand wrapped with a Kyanite in the point. Makes this a crystal Lightening Rod.


Blue Kyanite - All especially Third Eye Chakras—Opens ones psychic powers and allows for quick transfer of information from higher sources Activates the mind centers -If ones chooses to sleep with a Blue Kyanite lucid dreams flow -Supports healing of neurological issues -Telepathy


Titanium and Aluminum Mix - ALL Chakras—Encourages a balanced and strong EMF (electro magnetic field) -Stimulates the auric field and meridians -Infuses the aura with a rainbow spectrum of light -Deflects negative energy Stimulates the mind and gives access to higher dimensions of thinking -Metal of power of the new consciousness -Enhances & increases ones vibrational field


Includes Meteorite Dust from Nambia

Blue Kyanite Lotus Pyramid

  • The base is 2  3/8" X 2  5/8" T

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