Black Tourmaline

Root Chakra—Dispels negative energy around you -Brings good luck, happiness & good health Supports purification of the body -Eliminates toxic substances & emotions such as worry, judgment, fear, anger & shame -Psychic protection for anyone who must work or live in challenging places or circumstances

Pink Tourmaline

Heart Chakra—Helps repair holes in the auric field from negative attachments & past abuse Encourages one to become a living beacon of love energies -Assists one in releasing stress, worries, depression & anxiety -Unsurpassed for healing old emotional wounds, particularly those of childhood -Can help the timid find the courage to love


Brings a beautiful energy when looking at oneself Allows one to see oneself in others Eliminates patterns we do not like but embrace the patterns that we do like -Enhances flexibility in all situations -Helps eliminate anger, tantrums, and nervous energy -Releases energy blocks within the body and aligns the chakras


Black & Pink Tourmaline in Mica (B)

  • Height - 3  3/8  inches

    Width -  1  inches 

    Weight -  2.8 oz.