Bismuth is the 83rd element on the periodic table of elements. It sits just to the right of lead. Which means it is a bit heavier then lead. Bismuth is one of the most diamagnetic elements on earth. That means it repels north and south. With a powerful enough magnet it will float above magnet. Properties of Bismuth are to ease the ache of loneliness and isolation & to help in the transition between planes (physical to spiritual or astral) -Like a mystical booster rocket to other planes

Bismuth Wire Wrapped Necklace

  • Pendant - 1 1/2  inches L ,  2/3 inches W

    Wire Color - Hematite

    Necklace Length -18 inches

    Necklace Color - Stainless Steel

    All Wire used is Copper. There are different colored wire that is coated for variety