Bio-Energetic Jewelry is made from Dichroic Glass, a material originally developed for NASA. This glass has Quartz Crystals in it. Quartz has been used in computers for programing for decades. This glass is programed with Thousands of Protective and Healing Energies/Frequencies.
Bio-Energetic Jewelry is designed to help protect and harmonize our physical and subtle bodies from harmful effects from negative energy fields.

Clears Cellular Memory (traumas and negative thought patterns accumulated over your lifetime and ancestral traumas)
Brings balance to your system
Normalizes Central Nervous System Function (from EMF Exposure causing memory loss, weakness, anxiety and depression)
Protects from Detrimental Energies
Increases Optimism and Self Esteem

Modern technology, although crucial to our everyday lives, has increased our exposure to hazardous electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF’s). We are under 100 million times more stress from EMFs than our grandparents were. Because they cannot be seen, heard or touched, we do not realize the serious threat EMFs pose to our health and well being.

The first noticeable confirmations of the positive effects of the Bio-Energetic Jewelry should be the lack of fatigue associated with extended computer use. A significant reduction in memory loss and headaches from extended cell phone use. Productivity should increase due to lack of fatigue. A noticeable resistance from fatigue associated with other peoples negativity.


Research has shown that ADD and ADHD can cause an extreme sensitivity to EMFs. Users report a deeper connection with their spiritual essence, having more energy, feeling happier, being more centered and grounded.

Bio-Energetic Pendant Necklace 20

  • Pendant - 1  3/4  inches  L ,  15/16  inch W

    Necklace Length - 24 inches

    Necklace Color - Stainless Steel

About Us: The Darshans. We are teachers & healers of multiple modalities surrounding you with love, light, peace and vibration always. 


Our Jewelry: Lighthouse Crystals & Cosmic Creations  was inspired by our passion for manifesting dreams. Each piece is uniquely created and made with love, light and a vision in mind. We clear all pieces for 24 hours and infuse positive energy into our creations while kept in a high vibration environment so that your piece arrives to you intention ready.


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