3 of kind Healing Salts

Halite is a salt crystal from within the Earth from Poland.

All Chakras—Comes from the salt mines of Poland—Formed by evaporation of salt water—Great stone for manifesting & enhancing self-love -Clears the body of emotional imbalances -Opens the heart-Clears ones consciousness by opening to higher awareness -Blends the energies of the heart chakra and solar plexus, love and will -Assists in seeing the truth in all types of situations -Helps one to express oneself straightforwardly -Dispels negativity and is recommended to be in ones work space if it is a negative environment -Can be dissolved in bath for a therapeutic experience, even superior to sea-salt baths (only a small amount is needed and can be used over again and again)

Dead Sea Salt - From the lowest point on Earth with Magnesium, Sodium, Calcium and Potassium Chloride to name a few minerals in this Dead Sea Salt. Himalayan Salt - contains 84 trace minerals.

These salts sooth and repair the skin. Relaxes muscles and calm nerves. Helps reduce water retention. Relives stiffness and cramps. Regenerates skin cells and strengthens cell walls and membranes.  

This comes in a muslin bag to reuse over again.

3 of a kind Healing Bath Salts

    • United States -$3.49 U.S.
    • Outside U.S. -$13.50 U.S.